Welcome To Alan’s Fitness Journal

Hello.  I’m Alan, and this is my new sports and fitness blog / online magazine, Fast Lane BMX Mag.  As you can tell by the title I’m a big car racing and BMX nerd.  

I can remember back to my 7th birthday when my dad bought me my first BMX bike.  They weren’t very big at the time yet, so I wasn’t completely sure how special the BMX truly was.  However it was truly love at first sight, and ever since then I’ve always had a BMX bike by my side.  I started competing in BMX competitions when I turned 10 and although I never was able to rank globally I would always come top 3 in the local and national competitions.  

During my late teens I moved on from BMX competitions to drag racing.  I bought myself a little moded up scooby and would head out to the local racing grounds.  These days are now behind me, and instead I’m more interested in sitting at home and watching the races, but occasionally i’ll still head out with mates.

Anyway, that’s enough about me.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Have a nice week, and I’ll post soon. Thanks, Alan.