Russian Doping at the Olympics

Hey sports fans, Alan here again. I would like to thank you in choosing my sports and fitness blog, we know you have your choice when it comes to sports and fitness blogs and we thank you for choosing Alan’s. Now, for the sports world news of the week-Russian sponsored doping including the Olympics. I don’t know how many of you have read the latest Mclaren report, but it says that over 100 Russian athletes are involved in a government sponsored doping scandal. The report included athletes from over 30 sports (including football) and from the past 6 years, starting in 2011. A main point is the London 2012 Olympics, which are quoted as being “corrupted on an unprecedented scale” so we can all assume that the 2014 and 2016 Olympics were equally corrupt, at least where the Russian athletes were involved.

This just brings more scrutiny to the Olympics, which did not have a good public reception this year in Brazil. With the green pool water, polluted racing water, athletes being robbed and kidnapped and the situation involving an American swimmer trashing private property, the Olympics could use some good publicity but this is the exact opposite. Why Russia was awarded the Sochi Olympics makes no sense to me in the first place, Russia has long been questioned for cheating at the Olympics, and corruption is very evident in Russia. Hopefully the Olympic committee can raise their image again before the Tokyo Olympics, but for Russia this report may have been the final nail in the coffin. I haven’t seen any word from other international sports authorities but I assume there would be bans handed out soon. Keep your eye out, and enjoy your week everyone. See you later.

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