Craziest Extreme Sports

Welcome back everyone, my name is Alan and I am so glad you could join me for the newest post in my sports and fitness blog. I have been trying to push the envelope in the sports I participate in, and that lead me to the world of extreme sports. I have found some ridiculous extreme sports that people do in different places around the world, some that I really want to do and some that I think are absolutely insane. The craziest extreme sport I found was crocodile bungee jumping, and it’s exactly what you would expect. Some geniuses decided to put a crocodile pit underneath a bungee jump, and so far no one has died! One lady did have her cord snap, but she was able to swim to safety even though her feet where tied up. 

On the more conservative side of extreme sports, we have cheese rolling. This is again, exactly what you would expect. Roll cheese down a hill, chase cheese. Pretty simple right? Well try doing it with 100 other people down a 2 kilometer hill after a ten pound wheel of cheese. Interested yet? I would hope so, as the winner gets to keep the wheel of cheese which I’m sure has gained some unique flavor from its journey downhill. Another extreme sport that you might kill yourself in is Extreme Dinghy Racing. This is one of the chaotic motor sports there is, and that makes it equally entertaining. The races take place in small rivers and canals in Australia, and often has huge accidents. I would still prefer chasing a wheel of cheese down a hill though. What extreme sports do you guys like? Tell me in the comments! See you next week.

extreme dinghy racing boat